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RHONDA KEYSER commerical

Theatre (partial list)

New York

There, There, Leo (u/s)
  Chocolate Factory/PS122, Paul Willis, director

There, There, Karen
Invisible Dog, Kristen Kosmas, writer/director

Truly Yours, Eudora Welty
 Patrick Ryan, curatorChapter of Accidents, FridaEast 13th St. Theater,Kristen Kosmas writer; Paul Willis, director

What the Hell’s Your Problem?Enid “Burry” Burgess
 Paradise Theater, Tom Noonanwriter/director
Mouth Pieces, 
Paradise Theater,
<href=”” target=”_blank”>Bryan Wizemann, writer/director

Wake Up … And Go to Sleep, Marge
Paradise Theater, Tom Noonan, writer/director

Good Government, Melanie Wagner
  Atlantic Theater, 24-hour Plays

Sunshine on a Monkey’s Balls, Violet
  Vineyard Dimson Theater, 24-hr Plays

What Happens to Fire, She
  The Little Theatre at tonic

When We Fall, Solange
Paradise Theater, Tom Noonan, writer/director

Immortal Combat – weekly improv shows, Body Captain
  UCB Theater, Matt Besser, director

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